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UQM No-Starbase Challenge Guide

(Adapted from a forum post written on February 15, 2012. Last updated on February 1, 2019.)

This is a guide to beating The Ur-Quan Masters without ever visiting the starbase.

This is not a walkthrough; rather, it is a guide for the most difficult parts of this challenge. Therefore, much of what needs to be done is skipped, and general knowledge of the game is assumed.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead. If you haven't beaten the game before and intend to do so, you should probably not read this.

General Tips

Starting Off

One of the hardest parts is easily the start of the game. After going to Pluto and allying with Fwiffo, you need to get fuel. This is harder than it sounds because the only reliable source of biological data nearby, Delta Centauri, is in Ilwrath space. It's possible to survive them, but it's rather tedious. So what I did is go to Delta Centauri II-A, but only land once to collect as much bio-data as possible in one run. If you land too much, you'll be stuck in Ilwrath space while you wait for the Melnorme to come to you, which is liveable, but a real pain. Fill your lander to capacity and don't worry about wasting bio-data, because you won't ever have to come back here again.

After collecting the bio-data, leave the system and immediately thrust as far to the "east" as you can, expending all your remaining fuel. This should just barely take you out of Ilwrath space. When you run out of fuel, wait for the Melnorme to come (taking out Slylandro probes that come after you) and refuel.

Your next priorities are three-fold: first, you need to collect the portal spawner. Second, you need to get the Slylandro destruct code. Third, and possibly most importantly, you need to obtain more credits. Luckily, you can accomplish all of these at the same time relatively easily. First, go to Alpha Illuminati to refuel, and stop by at Epsilon Gruis while you're there to ally with the Spathi. Next, go to the Quasispace portal and wait for it to open up. If you have to wait for a long time for it to open up, try to learn about the Deep Children from the Arilou. If you can't, don't worry; you will need to enter this portal again later.

After (optionally) talking to the Arilou in Quasispace, use the portals to get to the "northwest" corner of Hyperspace (by the Slylandro). Get the destruct code from the Slylandro. You will notice that you are low on fuel, but don't worry; you should have plenty of credits to make it to Beta Pegasi. Since Alpha Pavonis is on the way, stop there and get the warp pod first, then head to Beta Pegasi and scan the rainbow world. This will give you a good supply of credits for fuel. Go to the Arilou in Quasispace to obtain the portal spawner.

Once all this is completed, it will be possible to complete most of the remaining quests in any order desired.

A final note: The rainbow worlds in Groombridge, Gamma Aquarii, and Beta Leporis are good rainbow worlds to scan for credits since they're in safe areas of space.

Aqua Helix

The best way to deal with the Thraddash is to avoid fighting them. Luckily, this is relatively easy. To first meet up with them, wait at the western-most edge of their sphere of influence. When you come into contact with one, open up a dialog and suggest for them to attack the Kohr-Ah. The Thraddash sphere of influence moves faster than you can move through hyperspace, so you should have no more encounters with the Thraddash while you retrieve the Aqua Helix. After retrieving the Aqua Helix, you should have just enough time to also go to Epsilon Draconis and scan the rainbow world there. Epsilon Draconis will no longer be a part of Thraddash space when they return, so there is no danger in doing this.

Syreen Revenge

Before obtaining the egg case fragments, ensure that you have Pkunk ships, because you will inevitably run into Mycon ships along the way. I recommend first going to the left edge of Mycon space and then going to Beta Copernicus, since the shattered world here is the one which is the furthest away from the center of the Mycon sphere of influence, and will also usually have very few if any Mycon ships in it.

The real challenge to this quest, and quite possibly the hardest part of the game, is obtaining the Syreen ships. This requires a little luck, because chances are running into an Ur-Quan or Kohr-Ah ship, or even possibly a Slylandro Probe, means you'll be stuck in a cloud of enemy ships.

The final part, telling the Mycons of Organon, will require fighting a ton of Mycon ships. There is no way around this. You of course will get a break from this once you make it to Epsilon Scorpii I (since the Mycons then stop chasing after you), so do make sure to take advantage of that by avoiding Mycon ships afterwards.

Final Battle: Sa-Matra!

The final battle isn't quite as easy as it normally is, because not only do you not get awesome Chmmr Avatars and Utwig Juggers, you also don't get the Yehat and Pkunk ships just before fighting the Sa-Matra. However, it's still not that hard. One plus is after the Chmmr make their modifications, the flagship will have full thrusters and turning jets, which makes the rest of the game much easier.

Before you start, make sure your flagship has crew, and plenty of it! You'll see why in a minute. It is also important for Fwiffo's ship to be fully crewed.

When fighting against the guards, your only real choice is Fwiffo, so if you can't beat them all with a single (fully crewed!) Spathi ship, practice. That's the only advice that can be given.

When fighting the Sa-Matra, use your Pkunk ships or, if you want, Druuge Maulers to take out the shield generators. When this is done, do not destroy all of the Sa-Matra bullets as you would normally do. Some must remain because your escorts lack an emergency warp escape unit, meaning they will have to be destroyed in order for you to bring in your flagship. Also for this reason, it is important for the flagship to have some crew so the ship can take a few hits. I recommend taking out the fireballs, however, as these are the most dangerous to your flagship.

Quests to Ignore


While confrontation should be avoided whenever possible, some combat is inevitable. Here I'll talk about how to fight against each ship most effectively.