The Diligent Circle


My name is Julie Marchant. You may know me as "onpon4", which was the username I exclusively used for several years. More recently, I have taken to primarily using "Julie.chan" or "The Diligent Circle".

I am reasonably well-known in the libre software community as a libre game developer. I developed and maintain the SGE Game Engine, and I have also developed several libre games, most of which use said engine. Languages I currently know well are Python, C, and Lua; Python is the language I prefer for the most part.

In addition to programming, I have an affinity for the Japanese language. My Japanese proficiency is not that great, especially considering how long I have been studying it on and off, but I can hold a very basic conversation okay. Gaining fluency in Japanese is one of my major goals.

My day job is nothing too glamorous: I'm just a humble cashier. I actually love cashiering, though, so I am quite happy with this situation and I take great pride in my work.

Less professionally: