The Diligent Circle

Rejected Libre Games

This page lists games that have been rejected for inclusion in my Libre Game Recommendations list, and explains why they have been rejected. Please feel free to contact me if the issues mentioned here have been fixed, or if you disagree with the rejection.

Table of Contents:

Games Rejected for Lack of Distinction

The following games have been rejected because they fail to sufficiently distinguish themselves from other games that preceded them. This can either be because they are clones, or because they are too generic within their genre.

Because there are so many of them, games whose sole purpose for existing is to clone other games (i.e. that make no attempt whatsoever to distinguish themselves, or that even try to explicitly be as similar to the original game as possible) are not listed here.

Games Rejected for Incompleteness

The following games have been rejected because they don't feel like finished games, or because they are considered by the developers to be incomplete. If you are a game developer, please consider contributing to these projects to correct this.

Games Rejected for Other Reasons