The Diligent Circle

Libre Game Recommendations

It can sometimes be hard to tell which of the hundreds of libre games out there are really worth trying. I would like to help out with that. To that end, I have compiled a list of completely libre games that I think are worth playing in their own right, regardless of whether or not you're a libre software movement proponent. So basically, whoever you are and whatever your politics are, give these games a try! :) The games are listed alphabetically, ignoring any leading articles ("the" or "a"). Links are provided to the most relevant and useful pages available for each of the games. Note that if you are using a Linux distro, the best way to install any of these is through the package manager, if possible.

Please feel free to contact me if you know of any additional libre games that should be listed here.

Individually Distinguished Games

This list is of games that stand on their own merit individually, meaning that it does not include games that are clearly designed to be very similar to other, more popular games, unless they do a good job distinguishing themselves either with noticeably better production value or with substantial design changes. In short: no clones. This list also does not include any game which is in an incomplete (alpha) state. A list of all rejected games is found in my Rejected Libre Games list. Note that some games rejected merely for lack of distinction might be found in the Clones and Implementations section further down.

Clones and Implementations

This is a list of clones and implementations of games which fail to meet the requirements for the Individually Distinguished Games section, but nonetheless are worth checking out if you are a fan of the games they are cloning or implementing. In addition to clones in the traditional sense, this section also includes libre software versions of board games.

This list is less stringent than the above section, but games still must be of reasonable quality and be reasonably complete to be put on this list. Additionally, if multiple clones or implementations exist for a particular game, only the best among them will be listed here. If there is no clear frontrunner for the best clone or implementation, all contenders will be listed, with strengths and weaknesses of each indicated.

Note that this is a list of straight clones and implementations, not original games inspired by other games. Those will only be listed in the Individually Distinguished Games section, if appropriate. This may mean that some games that are often considered to be "clones" may not be listed here if, despite their reputation, they deviate too far from the original game. Additionally, if a clone is substantially superior to the original, it will be included in the list above instead of the list below.

Sorted alphabetically by the original title being cloned or implemented.