Onpon's Shelf

Note: I am not responsible for the content of these websites, and the views expressed within may not necessarily be the same as mine.

  • Free Software Foundation - The champions of libre software and computer users' freedom.
  • GNU Project - Home of the GNU operating system (which is at the core of many popular libre operating systems today, namely GNU/Linux systems such as Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, and Arch) and the host of several articles on libre software philosophy.
  • Question Copyright - Information about copyright and why it shouldn't be taken for granted. Even if you don't agree with the libre software philosophy, you may find that you disagree with copyright, at least as it stands today.
  • Freedom Defined - Information about libre culture.
  • Think Penguin - An online store which sells computers and other hardware that fully works with libre software, and is packaged with libre software.
  • Trisquel - The completely libre operating system that I use and recommend.
  • Savannah - A web hosting platform for free/libre software projects (similar to Sourceforge) which is powered exclusively by free/libre software.
  • Libre Game Wiki - A wiki containing lists of and information about games that are entirely freely licensed (i.e. both libre software and libre culture).