Onpon's Shelf


Email is the best and easiest way to reach me. I check my mailboxes often. You can reach me via email at onpon4@riseup.net or onpon4@openmailbox.org.

I suggest you encrypt emails you send me, and if I know your public OpenPGP key, I will encrypt emails I send to you. My keys are 0x8075AEEB (for onpon4@riseup.net) and 0xAFB5DDA0 (for onpon4@openmailbox.org); they can be found at pool.sks-keyservers.net.


I have XMPP accounts on a few servers. My XMPP accounts are onpon4@riseup.net, onpon4@member.fsf.org, and onpon4@jit.si.

Some people have requested for me to add them as a contact without sending an email or some other form of communication telling me why they did this. Please understand that if you do this, and I don't recognize your username, I will decline the request.